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Truck Seat, HiPro 915 Air Suspension, None, Hi-Back, Black Vinyl

PN: 1247001-544

Bostrom’s Baja Series is the perfect blend of simplicity, durability, and comfort. The Baja’s ergonomic seat and Flex Support Cushion System reduce back stress, allowing you to maintain focus on the road. With its scissor action non-isolating air suspension, the Baja provides a solid ride platform and stability – giving you effective control of your vehicle. An optional dual damper version delivers improved stability and ride dampening in the roughest conditions. The Baja’s durable surface is easy to clean and designed to last in the most tough and demanding environments.

Baja Series Non-Isolating Air Suspension
Baja HiPro with 6” Ride Zone
Fixed Lumbar Support
Standard Damper
Available in Black Vinyl
Non-Extendable Cushion
Seat Box size (in.): W: 27.00 x L: 22.44 x H: 38.00
Shipping Weight: 69.2 lbs.


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