Our Mission | Bostrom Seating

Our Mission

CVG - Mission

Mission Statement

To deliver the driver to his destination in optimal comfort, safety and style.


Vision Statement

Our aim is to create the most desirable seat systems for truck drivers in the heavy and medium duty market by creating the safest and most comfortable, visually appealing seat systems available.

Our Name - The Bostrom name will stand for quality, value and style.

Our Products - Through a relentless pursuit of understanding customer needs and desires, we will develop the most in-demand seating systems on the market.

Our Processes - We will maximize value from end-to-end for all stakeholders, through our world class operation where safety is number one.

Our Culture – We will cultivate and protect a culture of warmth, trust and respect for our customers and each other, making Bostrom a great place to work and a great company with which to business.


Who we are/What we believe

Bostrom Seating is a team of individuals who believe that people are life’s most important resource. We design products to protect our customers, in a way that protects our employees and the broader environment in which we all live.

What we do

To fulfill our vision we strive to deliver a unique experience by:

  • Devoting ourselves to the understanding of customer needs in the ever changing driving environment.
  • Engaging customers in the design process to deliver innovative products that both stylish and safe.
  • Pushing our products ‘beyond the limit’ though rigorous internal and real-world testing to discover new possibilities in product design.
  • Maximizing value to our customers and partners though world class quality management techniques in the manufacturing process.
  • Getting the word out with a creative and consistent branding and message.
  • Going further to keep our promises with customers to maintain a relationship of trust through exceptional customer service.

We call this, ‘The Bostrom Experience’.


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Sustainability