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LTSS Suspension Seat

N-Series Truck Seat, Mechanical Suspension, Hi-Back, Grey Cloth (1996-2007 models)

PN: 3110000-N40

The low-profile LTSS suspension seat by Bostrom Seating now enables drivers of Isuzu N-Series trucks the benefits of seat suspension. The patented LTSS design helps prevent back injuries caused from harmful vibration, resulting in a safer and smoother ride. Our new seat upper is ergonomically designed to improve comfort and is available with an optional hand-pump air lumbar support.

LTSS Non-Isolating Mechanical Suspension
Fixed Lumbar Support
Standard Damper
Available in Grey Cloth
Non-Extendable Cushion
Seat Box size (in.): W: 25.50 x L: 39.25 x H: 25.00
Shipping Weight: 55.8 lbs.


| Built to order

This combination of options is a little unique so it may not be in stock at your local truck parts store. Howeveer, if you're willing to wait to get the option you want you can ask your local store to order it for you by quoting the PN. This can take between 2-4 weeks depending on your location. Alternately, you could try choosing a more common option.

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