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Truck Seat, Standard 914 Air Suspension, Drape, Hi-Back, Manual Lumbar, Black Vinyl

PN: 2356012-544

​For those long hours on the road, the Patriot Series offers a wide platform seat with plenty of room to sit comfortably. Its Flex Support Cushion System reduces cushion compression, providing you with more support to drive longer. The Patriot's scissor action suspension has superior weight distribution, giving you a more stable driving platform. Additionally, Bostrom's patented ParaBar II manual lumbar offers a continuous range of adjustment. The Patriot's two piece seat feature maximizes your investment by providing easy access to the suspension and future replacement of the back cushion. Don't tolerate discomfort, drive for miles enjoying Bostrom's Patriot Series seat.

Patriot Series Isolating Air Suspension
Patriot Standard with 5” Ride Zone
Manual Lumbar Support
Standard Damper
Available in Black Vinyl
Extendable Cushion
Seat Box size (in.): W: 27.00 x L: 22.44 x H: 38.00
Shipping Weight: 92.2 lbs.


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