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Wide Ride

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Wide Ride
Truck Seat, HiPro 915 Air Suspension, Drape, Hi-Back, Black Ultra-leather

PN: 2345037-900

The Wide Ride is the perfect combination of luxurious style and enhanced pillow-like seating comfort. The Wide Ride’s ergonomic cushions, Flex Support Cushion System, and optional heated seat feature reduce discomfort and body stress. Standard dual chamber air lumbar adjustment provides all day support, enabling you to go the long haul. In order to maintain proper driving posture and comfortable arm support, the Wide Ride is equipped with adjustable armrests that have a continuous range of motion. With three types of back support and two different suspension options, you can personalize the Wide Ride to fit your needs.

Wide Ride Isolating Air Suspension
Wide Ride HiPro with 6” Ride Zone
Air Lumbar Support
Adjustable Damper
Available in Black Ultra-leather
Non-Extendable Cushion
Seat Box size (in.): W: 27.00 x L: 22.44 x H: 38.00
Shipping Weight: 84.2 lbs.


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