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Wide Ride+Serta®

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Wide Ride+Serta®
Truck Seat, HiPro Air Suspension, Bellows, Hi-Back, Black/Grey Ultra-leather

PN: 5300000-L77

The Wide Ride+Serta® truck seat redefines premium seating in the trucking industry. We’ve partnered with Serta®, America’s leading Mattress Company, to develop the most comfortable truck seat in the market. We have integrated Serta's Cool Action™ Gel memory foam with our newest truck seat technology. Better than standard memory foam, the Serta® Cool Action™ Gel provides 2x the support and 7x the cooling ability, wicking heat away rather than trapping it near your body. Two climate options are also available; a seat heater and a heat+ventilation (leather only) system to keep you comfortable all year round. 
The Wide Ride+Serta® also gives you a personalized fit with more adjustments than before, including optional 16" long armrests, air powered bolsters, front and rear cushion tilt and our exclusive BackCycler® System. Proven to reduce back pain, the BackCycler® system continuously inflates and deflates the lumbar region, preventing stiffness and pain from sitting still.  The seat earns its name with a wide, 23" seating surface to accommodate drivers of all shapes and sizes and is fitted to an isolating scissor suspension with hi-performance damper that reduces vibration and delivers a smooth and stable drive on those rough highways.

Wide Ride Serta Series Isolating Air Suspension
Wide Ride+Serta HiPro with 4” Ride Zone
Air Lumbar Support
High Performance Damper
Available in Black/Grey Ultra-leather
Extendable Cushion
Seat Box size (in.): W: 27.00 x L: 22.44 x H: 38.00
Shipping Weight: 77.3 lbs.


| Built to order

This combination of options is a little unique so it may not be in stock at your local truck parts store. Howeveer, if you're willing to wait to get the option you want you can ask your local store to order it for you by quoting the PN. This can take between 2-4 weeks depending on your location. Alternately, you could try choosing a more common option.

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